Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby jibberjabber » 2019-01-25 16:17

Please let us all know when and why Debian LTS was started.

One could do some searches, to get answers to this, below is from the first hits on my search, it may be just more gossip, or FUD, but based on what it says, Debian LTS was started before systemd came into the picture ,
But it is better to read the entire article, this is just a small piece.
Despite its reputation as an all-free, counter-cultural collection for hackers, Debian is also quite stable and reliable, which makes it a viable option for many corporate networks. But after many years of Linux in the enterprise, admins have a pretty clear idea of what they want: a system that will operate for several years without requiring an upgrade. Rolling out a new operating system in the enterprise can take many months, and the process is quite complex and prone to complications. Better to make such events as infrequent as possible.

In 2014, the Debian developers woke up and realized the recent trend for Long-Term-Support (LTS) releases had left them behind. Because Debian is not backed by a company that can make money on selling support contracts (like SUSE, Red Hat, and Canonical), they had never gotten around to implementing some form of long-term support.

=== additional===
After completing the preparatory work, the then-current Debian 6 "Squeeze" became Debian's first LTS version. Its successor, Debian 7, has a correspondingly long support period: "Wheezy" was released in Spring 2013, and its support does not end until 31 May 2018. Currently, Debian is planning to offer Debian LTS support for the still-current Debian 8 "Jessie." The same applies to Debian 9 "Stretch," which will probably ship in the spring of 2017.
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The infrastructure for handling LTS tasks is provided by Freexian [3], a consulting company operated by French Debian Developer Raphaël Hertzog. Hertzog publishes a monthly report on the current status, the tasks taken, and the hours worked by the individual developers. Any developer who receives money for work on Debian LTS is required to submit a report on a monthly basis.

The first official paid work for Debian LTS [4] was completed in July 2014. The report published at the time [5] showed 21 hours for two developers; the following month, the two developers had already contributed 32 hours. Two years later, in September 2016, the figures grew to 152 hours provided by 13 developers [6].

To get a first hand report as to why Debian LTS was started, perhaps one should ask Raphaël Hertzog, or some of the others involved it starting it.
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2019-01-25 17:35

llivv wrote:"longterm" -- how do you get LTS from "longterm"

And what does "LTS" stand for? :roll:

Longterm support as a general principle has nothing to do with systemd, neither does Debian's LTS team, you are full of shit.
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2019-01-25 19:08

Head_on_a_Stick wrote: you are full of shit.

Oh, we won't be insulting each other now.
Mod, please lock this, this has gone too far off-topic.
Systemd threads are as cancerous as ever.
Is that a threat or a promise ?

How about both?
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby Danielsan » 2019-01-25 22:05

Wheelerof4te wrote:
Head_on_a_Stick wrote:Systemd threads are as cancerous as ever.

What do you expect?
systemd is one of the most odious piece of software of ever. :roll:
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby HuangLao » 2019-01-26 00:59

Locking it is the equivalent of censorship and agreement by fiat.
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby jibberjabber » 2019-01-26 01:25

Not really , and I don't see what fiat has to do with it. I see it more like putting the lid, or cover on a trash can when it is full, and locking the cover, or lid, is to prevent more trash being dumped in it, and it spilling all over the place.
Of course spammers and spambot writers, operators, all say the same thing,
"Not allowing our spam, is censor ship", Should this forum also allow all of the trash that the spambots,hiding behind their silly VPN's dump in it, ? But in any event, it is entirely up to the moderators , if they feel the topic has become like a overflowing trash can, then by all means, put the lid on and lock it.
By no means is anything censored, because it is sort of like a transparent trash can, everyone can still see what is inside, and read it, but no more gossip , FUD, spam, or other trash can be added.
Removing the posts, or the topic totally, might be a form of censorship, but not really, it would just make it a "cleaner" forum, more dedicated to serious and real technical issues.
Of course, all of the nonsense on this forum really do make it rather entertaining, guess that is why it is so popular. :mrgreen:
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Re: Debian systemd maintainer "taking a break"

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2019-01-26 10:09

HuangLao wrote:Locking it is the equivalent of censorship and agreement by fiat.

Allright, I'll let it stay as it hasn't been locked yet. But the insults and flame war will not be allowed.
In the meantime, the original issue has been solved: ... -455332624
The commit is here: ... 0eff3bf571

I do hope Michael comes back, because software this complex should have as many skilled maintainers as possible. Systemd has grown in size and complexity equal to the mini-kernel. And to make it more complicated, it tries to do many different things which sometimes don't have much to do with each other
Devs should consider splitting it into various projects, depending on their function.
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