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Re: Is it just me...

Postby Deb-fan » 2021-02-06 14:17

^ Really think he's a convo-bot, never bother even reading anything he/it posts. Errrr ... also I may be the other guy on Sunrat's ignore list, so he might not see this, lmfao. :D

Errrr I actually do use the ignore list now, never used to do it and since I'll often pop into the forum without signing in, needless to say it's not all that effective. Per usual with an evergrowing list of nixers I just pretty much scroll past anything they post, that ALWAYS works, scrolling will never let you down. Anyway, also came to vent a bit ... As follows. :)

I've come up with a project which I think may be vital to technology, here's the outline of what I have in mind. We must develop something whereas remotely, when certain codes are entered and buttons pushed, a large digital fist comes out of a computer monitor and punches the person sitting in front of the targeted terminal in their stupid face.

Just envision it, random nix user who clearly doesn't know which end of a search engine to type words into, posts yet more idiotic nonsense on whichever nix fori ? Those who clearly can't quite wrap their heads around RTFM ? Help vamp or troll infestation ? Hair brained conspiracy theorist starts rambling on about the Qwinaks from zebular 14 infiltrating our governments to take over the girl scouts of amercia ? Some responsible party somewhere flips the switch and WHAM justice is served, balance restored. All the not braindead, not lazy, non-azztastic or obnoxiously mentally ill of the world can let out a collective sigh of relief and get on with their lives in peace.

Of course I also strongly feel only myself and a small select group of others should be given access to the controls of this tech. Such shouldn't be used willy nilly. Who's with me or wishes to contribute some cash to this ??? Your techno-talents or financial contribution could make the world a better place ... one black-eye at a time. Any interest and I'll set up a gofundme for this or something. :D

Yep participating in this type of thing can be frustrating. Though end-of-day it's still voluntary. It used to be fun helping folks figure whatever issues they're having out or rambling about whatever tech and gnu/Linux oriented stuff, hasn't been for a long time now, thus why I've taken to avoiding the help sections of forums like the plague. Constantly catching myself wanting to bash or spew negative stuff at people and that's not going to accomplish anything positive, so why do it ?

Posting RTFM, GOOGLE YOU FRIGGIN AZZTARD over and over or UBUNTU IS THAT WAY YOU MORON etc cannot possibly serve any useful purpose. Still do want to eventually find some meaningful way to contribute to Debian and greater open source. Will eventually send in some cash, nothing says I wuv and support you like cold hard cash.

Have come to believe more gnu/nix users is a good thing, means all the efforts, time + talent all those who have made contributions to Debian and open source are getting recognized are making progress. What the hell good would all this amazing technology be if only 150thousand people around the world got access to it ? I mean in terms of consumer electronics and casual users like myself vs strictly IT-pros and supergeeks being able to benefit or understand any of it.

So in a somewhat odd( often really annoying) way the people who seem like they can't even find the power button and successfully turn on their computer without screwing it up are contributing to open source, just by their use of it. More people using it, more commercial interest, more doors opening in areas they wouldn't without numbers.

Printers that work, graphics cards, stuff for gamers, all points in-between. OEM's wouldn't ever give the slightest chit if only 4000 geeks living in the parents basements used gnu/Nix. Userbase starts getting up into 10's of millions, Canonical Inc claims 40mil installs itself and people start paying attention to the platform. As yeppers, nothing says I luv you gnu/Linux like some big money to be made selling stuff to those who use it.

On a hopefully positive note, a dorkish observation. Humor helps, it's better to laugh, than cry about something. We can't control many things, what other people do, don't do etc but all of us have a good deal of control over ourselves, how we allow things to affect us. Letting something stupid or someone stupid bring you down is a waste of time, a choice and for every tarded and crappy thing in the world there's just as many wonderous and amazing things going on or to focus on too. :D
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Re: Is it just me...

Postby Deb-fan » 2021-03-15 08:16

Me again + too much coffee ... again. :P

Here goes, I want to do a shout-out to one of my favoritest nix noob types.

NN(nix-noob:) Hey guys I'm new to linux, esp Debian, so ummmm, explain it like I'm a 5yr old who doesn't know anything about linux okay ?

Me: Ah I see, talk to you like a 5yr old and don't use any technical terms to describe technology ? Gotcha ... mmmm, ....... sure thing .... Turn off that computer and go to your room lil Miss/Mister, NOW ! And don't come out until you've RTFM ! LMAO. How's that ?

footnotes: There was a bit more ranting intended to go along with but opted to cut that stuff out and just go with the funny part. :D
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