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Re: Hello everyone

Postby brolly » 2019-07-17 13:36

GarryRicketson wrote:I find it interesting that instead of posting the details as you nicely requested:
Nobody was rude to them, arrochester did suggest a link, and some searches, but politley, and the OP did say it had not worked,..
So then they run off to the MX forums, and post this:
Is it just me?


Post by brolly » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:38 am
I visited the debian forums to ask a simple question. They made me feel like i was spoiling an elitist convention. I have to say they were not as tolerant and as nice as you guys. Has anyone had that experience in the debian forum?

And the mods over there look the thread, bravo.... No it is not just you Brolly, we get these kind of trolls every day, each forum has their own way of dealing with them though.
Hope you get the hint, based on the reaction of the mods over there, if you really do have a problem with Debian, please give the details as requested, H_O_A.S nicely asked for them, that indicates he was willing to try to help you.
You may be free form Microsoft, but you seem to still be in a cage,and it is one that you have made your self, be careful don't close the door and lock it, there might not be anyone around on the other side to help you later.
And I did say :
Hello and welcome to the forum

So did Bryan, I am sorry if that was not good enough to make you feel welcome, it was the stuff about cages :
.Guess who is now caged in a virtual machine now. Yup you guessed right, Micro$oft. Finally my former slave master. is the one stuck in a cage

I understand the feeling, we all are in cages in some way, again, my advice is to be careful and don't close and lock the door, you don't want your cage to become a trap.
As far as :"I don't like birds", well that is your problem , not mine, but just imagine what the world would be like with out them.Go to the local jail,or zoo and you will see, birds are not the only ones in cages :mrgreen:

I don't think expression of personal feelings is trolling in any way. :D
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Re: Hello everyone

Postby sgage » 2019-07-17 16:14

Wheelerof4te wrote:
golinux wrote:Everything in life is relative including the concept of "freedom". There are many unseen cages, including the ones we create for ourselves.

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systemctl enable cage.service

Too funny! :lol:
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