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Slow nfs

PostPosted: 2019-07-23 15:59
by lol75
Hey, i've got a slachware server, 5.5T space over nfs...
A raspberry pi and my debian client has the same mount options set and the same kernel settings for nfs client.
With the raspberry there was no problems, but with my wyse client with debian 9.5 (amd 64) there's a problem that goes like this.

I'm watching a movie over nfs or working with something, when i'm done and try to access nfs again after a few minutes, there's a pause of 30 seconds, re-reading the directory of nfs-exports.

What's wrong and what do you need to help me, logs confs etc.


Re: Slow nfs

PostPosted: 2019-07-28 05:34
by ruwolf
Do you mean Slack-ware server?
Try to look e.g. here: NFS/Troubleshooting: Performance issues