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Re: Sudo or not sudo?

PostPosted: 2021-01-07 21:50
by LE_746F6D617A7A69
Hi edbarx - it's good to see that You're still around ;)

1. I was really surprised when for the first time I've reviewed the sudo program code - it is unbelievably big and complex program.
IMO using sudo is far more safe than direct usage of root account, f.e. because by default it limits the time for password-less access with root privileges.

2. The UINX language (IMO) is the most advanced method for users to interact with the computer. The problem is, just like in case of any other foreign language, that the users have to learn it.
Most of people are *not* willing to use command line interface, because they don't know the UNIX philosophy: knowing only a few tens of "words" from the UNIX language allows to "ask" the system to do just anything, starting from listing directory entries and ending with complex OS queries, similarly to what SQL offers -> the only limit for the query content is the user's imagination.