Anyone else frustrated by Mint volume slider?

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Anyone else frustrated by Mint volume slider?

Postby scruffyeagle » 2020-02-17 20:47

Venting steam, here. I'm running Debian 9.5 with Mint desktop, on an old Dell Inspiron 9400. I've reached a point where I've developed a severe case of the f'k-its re. the volume control slider. It's next to impossible, to set it with precision. I try to keep it at 70% - but sometimes vids or sound files force me to change it - and then, when I try to change it back to 70%, the trouble starts. When I click on the round dot, it shifts upward or down, leaving 70%. When using the slider, there's no indication of what the current sound level it. So, the only way to see the % is to collapse it, for hovering the pointer above the icon. Then, when it's found wrong (which is 99% of the time), it has to be changed. It's like throwing darts wearing a blindfold. Or, trying to draw a picture while wearing boxing gloves. What I wonder is, why don't these shortcomings bother the people who spend their precious time designing the volume control?
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Re: Anyone else frustrated by Mint volume slider?

Postby arochester » 2020-02-17 21:11

Do you mean you are using Linux Mint Debian Edition --- and not Debian?

If so, perhaps you should ask here: ... f919050e98
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Re: Anyone else frustrated by Mint volume slider?

Postby NFT5 » 2020-02-18 01:47

A quick look at OP's previous posts indicates Debian 9 with MATE desktop.

If this is the case then hovering the cursor over the volume control will allow you to adjust the volume, in 5% increments, using the mouse wheel. You can also add mate-volume-control as a separate item on the panel. Clicking on it will open the Sound Preferences applet window where you can control input, output and other aspects.
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Re: Anyone else frustrated by Mint volume slider?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-02-18 08:52

I think the OP is referring to the Cinnamon desktop, which is available in Debian.

@OP: have you tried using the volume keys instead?
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