How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

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Re: How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

Postby trinidad » 2020-03-28 12:24

Debian stable is great but you won't learn much by using it

And I'd suggest learning to use man pages

for a user like me that doesnt have the slightest clue on how to work with linux software

I came up on unix mainframes, which really shows my age, and was a Windows IT guy starting in 1996 and for many years, moving from that to RHEL, and personal use SUSE and then Debian since Debian 7. Depending on how green you really are, and what you want to learn, you may want to consider another distribution to begin with and then start with Debian after you become more familiar with some of the inner workings of Linux in general, like how to configure and use the software and network. I'm generally not an Arch fan but I like the look of Arch Labs and have played with it a bit, and on the Debian side Bunsen Labs. MXLinux is an excellent distribution as well. Anyway it's easy enough to start with Debian after you familiarize yourself with some Linux software usage. Debian is unique in some ways from other Linux. If this is your very first foray into Linux you may want to consider Linux Lite, not necessarily for its intuitive interface (XFCE), but rather for its online help manual and quite amicable forum and user community. Graduate from that and move on to immersing yourself in Debian. This version (Buster) of Debian stable is fast becoming my favorite ever, and the future looks even brighter for Debian. So by all means start with Debian if you like, but as a Windows user only -- matching your expectations to what you will actually encounter with Linux may frustrate you at first. Linux is not a mystery -- it's just files -- but these days lots of files. I get a kick out of MS's forest metaphor, kinda apropos for them lots of little trees with their own limited roots, but I think of Linux as giant tree organism, like the Aspen groves in Colorado, lots of stems sprouted out into the light, but with one root system.

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Re: How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

Postby Const » 2020-03-30 13:02

Deb-fan wrote:Op, how does one learn gnu/nix etc etc ? I just found this store one day on a side street, went in, had a seat and some dude plugged this cord into the base of my skull, 30secs later knew everything about gnu/nix, WHAM! Plus oddly now I can fly a helicopter, dodge bullets and beat up Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris with one hand. Have you checked around your neighborhood for such a shop? :P

^ Also just messing around, been wanting to post that here awhile and couldn't resist anymore. :)

Was this my question ?
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Re: How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

Postby CwF » 2020-03-30 15:25

There are many paths and a few are demonstrated here. Really, the question should be narrowed some. You'll get a biased answer based on what someone thinks it's all about.
IMO, there is no equivalency between windows and linux. Tools are tools. I don't care much for fanboy attitudes that see the market in a particular way. Fragmentation is the only way forward. There is no desktop market in the way there was. Fragments of the current market are as big as the entire market was 20 years ago. If you want a debian machine to be on par with a windows machine note it is not an issue of effort, it's a yes or no,
I use tools, I make tools. So when I embarked on debian a few years back I built a machine for it. Sure, if it someday takes over everything, fine. It hasn't. It never will. One of the tools I was waiting for, that choose my entry point, was virtualization. I left Mandrake long ago and decided not to fight it until there was a path I understood. So once I had a separate machine to explore, I started learning without fighting the flow.
After maybe 4 years I know a whole lot about a little. I have caverns of missing knowledge concerning Debian. I don't need to know everything, I go subject at a time, function at a time, program at a time. I no longer use a dedicated windows machine but a vm. I don't worry if Debian can't do it, yet. For a long time I would mouse around in debian wishing it worked like windows. Then one day I'm mousing around in the windows vm wondering why it doesn't work like debian. Piece by piece I've made my xfce desktop more functional and in a non-windows not new user friendly way. I made it my way.
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Re: How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

Postby pylkko » 2020-05-04 15:03

a good teacher: man

begin here
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man man
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Re: How to get to know Linux and go away from windows.

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-05-04 16:32

See also
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man intro

And IBM's LPIC-1 certification training tutorials are very good:
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