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Re: stunned!

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-08-21 01:44

They don't say much: it was abandoned

At least in theory, if module probes completed in a different order, eth0 and eth1 might switch places on successive boots. As boot processes became less linear and interfaces became more hotpluggable this became more of a concern.
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Re: stunned!

Postby Deb-fan » 2020-08-22 06:05

Pointless observations on this, hot pluggable network interfaces, wth? Nah .. only place that makes sense to me is in production environments, datacenters, server farms, enterprises but that's where the gnu/linux platform shines most and dominates. It's also the driving force behind much of any funding or development efforts gnu/nix gets, IT gaints and corporations don't spend huge sums of cash and devote equally huge amounts of man-hours for the sole purpose that 2% or so of personal computer users can enjoy a great operating system for free. They do it because it serves their interests. That it's(gnu/nix and much else) open source and we can all use and enjoy it is just a happy happenstance.

Note: Happy for us as pc nixers, this was actually foreseen and planned for by some very crafty people, the folks who founded open source, GNU + the Linux kernel came into it too. Etc etc.

Either way, as someone mentioned(think was @sunrat), this didnt happen overnight, everyone was told about it yrs ago, its all well documented for anyone who cares. Caused 1 nixer some aggravation but they figured it out, so yay, that's it. We can all keep on computing. :)
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