GNU/Linux based Passenger Information System

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GNU/Linux based Passenger Information System

Postby dancesWithCycles » 2020-11-17 13:49

Hi folks,
I am launching a new project for an everywhere available, free as in free speach and universal passenger information system for public transport.

Can you recommend frameworks, technologies or programming languages that are running on the server (the back end) to interact with mobile, smart devices for data exchange?

My prototype is a LAMP server that uses HTTP POST and GET to exchange data from mariadb (mysql) to android apps.

I have the gut feeling that this strategy is not able to realize more complex business logic or more elaborate use cases. I am also spending many thoughts about the interface between back end and mobile device. Many protocols on application layer for data representation like HTTP, XML, JSON and so on could be used and I am unsure about pros and cons. Does anyone has experience with free/libre back end development as well as protocols and standards for the interface to the mobile device? My strong domain is embedded systems development. That is why I can make use of any help for the back end.

Do you think I can stay in the free/libre software domain to realize my project?

I made first experiences with Replicant as alternative to Android and it looks quite promising. The limited number of supported devices makes me some headaches.

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