Interactive map website: Debian based back end possible?

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Interactive map website: Debian based back end possible?

Postby dancesWithCycles » 2020-12-09 15:07

Hi folks,
I am trying to develop an interactive map website based on a LAMP sever with Debian. I am aiming for an OSM based tile layer where I can add and adapt objects based on real time movement data. The real time movement data need to be loaded from a mySQL database.

To reach this goal I tried many technologies but nothing is satisfying or brings me to my target so far.

1: I made good experience with an OSM based map using Open Layers written in javascript. However, I need npm (node package manager) to build the map. This way I do not know yet how to interact with my PHP scripts for database connection. Additionaly, npm uses node.js and is a subsidiary of GitHub what is again a subsidiary of Microsoft. I do not like this taste very much.

2: I made a short test using the leaflet js library. However, it also looks like being close to Google and Microsoft and I have not enough experience to know if and how I interact with databases.

3: I have the feeling I could reach my target using node.js only but do not know yet the consequences for the front and back end.

That said, do you guys have experience with those technologies or can recommend alternatives? How do you think about those technologies from the FOSS perspective?

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Re: Interactive map website: Debian based back end possible?

Postby trinidad » 2020-12-09 15:28

If you can work with it, ruby on rails might be the easiest way to set up something like this. There may even be gems available.

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