Middle mouse button = double-click?

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Middle mouse button = double-click?

Postby kskruser » 2020-12-31 22:28

Hi all - Linux newbie & Windows refugee here. I have Debian 'Buster' (64 bit + KDE 'Plasma-5' + Nvidia video) successfully installed & mostly tweaked on my older X86 PC. Very happy with it so far!

In Windows, I had a little background program that would (at a low level) 'trap' a single-middle-button push and convert it to a double-click. I.e. any program, including Windows Explorer, would see a double-click. (Mouse is an old Logitech "Marble-Mouse" - 3 buttons, obviously.)

I really miss this little bit of wizardry.

Question: Is there a (simple!) way to accomplish this same conversion in Debian? (Remember, at a low level so that it works everywhere.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Re: Middle mouse button = double-click?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2021-01-01 13:17

kskruser wrote:at a low level so that it works everywhere

It is possible to do what you want with xdotool & xbindkeys[0] but they only work under X. For Wayland configuration details like this depend on the compositor implementation and I don't think any of the available compositors support this functionality.
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