Anonymous, free and secure file download from Debian server

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Anonymous, free and secure file download from Debian server

Postby dancesWithCycles » 2021-01-25 17:12

Hi folks,
how are you? I am a bit overcautious with my back end at the moment. About a week ago my Debian server was hacked. I still do not know how, but someone was able to get my ssh key to abuse my server as source for brute force attacks. I straight reset the server after get aware of it.
It looks like my setup has to be more secure than in the past to avoid having this abuse again. The server is set up and running again only allowing the standard HTTP port and two custom user specific ports in the moment. The feature set is still not there where it has been in the past.
I like to offer customers a way to download an APK file in an anonymous, free and secure manner. Can someone give me a little advice how to do that? I used Redmin in the past for this and other tasks. But at the moment I would fancy something easy and simple.
Once I tried to set up sftpd, but struggled to configure the daemon and the firewall for anonymous access in a way no account is required. What are you experiences?

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