Support for ASP, ASP.NET, and VBScript?

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Support for ASP, ASP.NET, and VBScript?

Postby mjw01 » 2005-09-16 14:24

I am looking to migrate my Web sites to a dedicated server using Debian. My prospective vendor says that ASP, ASP.NET, and VBScript will work but I can find no supporting documentation at Debian's Web site or elsewhere. Surprisingly, searches of ASP on the forum turn up empty as well.

My existing domains and Web site code use ASP 3.0, ASP.Net, and VBScript. Also a little JavaScript. I use MySQL datbases and ASPSmartMail and other ASP upload utilities. I've invested in the code and technologies and in the immediate and near-term am not in a position to do a major rewrite. That said, I do understand that they may be some minor updates required.

While ideally I'd like to simply plug-and-play without any recoding life is never that simple. Can you please help me with a few questions. With each of the following, are they supported and with what differences. Are there any online references to provide more information on these?

1. ASP 3.0

2. ASP.Net

3. VBScript

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