www.debianpure.com (really helpfull !!!)

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www.debianpure.com (really helpfull !!!)

Postby Caraibes » 2005-09-28 10:47

Hi Folks,

Just to remind you about that easy installation and configuration tool : Debian Pure, which offers most usefull pluggins, kde, gnome and a plain vanilla Debian system in just 1 cd....

I post today because Debian pure really helped me out, since I am still a bit of a newbie. So I guess it might be helpfull to other newbies who are starting to realise that Debian 3.1 is the best distro (it's only my opinion...) and also a great way to learn more about Linux in general.

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Postby xequence » 2005-10-24 00:06

It looks helpful, thanks for the link :)
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