A quick thanks

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A quick thanks

Postby MMW » 2005-10-26 21:37

I just wanted to send a quick thanks to all of the posters on this forum. I've been out of the Linux world for a couple of years, but wanted to get back into it (WinXP only really succeds in pissing me off). I finally convinced my boss that I'd be more productive under a Linux box than Windows (I'm a EE at a small company)...so he let me give it a try.

I tried Suse first since I'd heard such good things about it, but it ran liek a dog on my 99 dollar Frys special that I'm using at home on my server (still getting that one worked out)...but I plugged in Debian and it just works the way Linux is supposed to (and no more rpms!) So Debian for the laptop, too (I refuse to run two different disros...there's just not enough hours in the day)

Thanks to the help I found through the search button here, I've now got my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 9100, 2.8 P4, 512 Mb RAM, 800MHz FSB, yadda yadda yadda) up and running with the tools I need to get my job done, the screen resolution fixed (WXGA radeon mobility 1280x800) and no more Windows pissing me off.

Today has been my first day with absolutely no time in Windows jail (finally got my CVS issues resolved) and I'm loving it. It wouldn't have happened so quickly without the help I found here.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
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