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So... Is there a list of programs on the Debian Binaries?

PostPosted: 2005-11-26 22:39
by Guest
The Binaries on the Debian website, 1-14. It says that 1 contains the most popular software, and 14 contains mainly special intrest programs. My question is, is there a complete list of the programs included in the binaries before downloading?


PostPosted: 2005-11-27 02:29
by Jeroen
If you're going to have internet access after installing the base system, I strongly suggest to use the small netinstall cd, or just the first full cd. For any other subsequent CD, it's very unlikely you'll want more than half of it, or even at all, there are so many packages... You can better have them downloaded on requestion using aptitude/synaptic later -- you can get both gnome and kde with only the first cd, together with the base system and stuff.

PostPosted: 2005-11-27 16:16
by anon
The business card cd will pick a processor specific kernel for you (-686 -k7 etc).Per cd package list for the full cd set