Etch [Testing] Really Broken

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Postby Jeroen » 2006-03-28 11:45

Too old packages, and that's why you switch to Windows?

August 24, 2001 -- Windows XP released (latest windows version available)
July 19, 2002 -- Debian woody released (preview Debian stable release)
June 6, 2005 -- Debian sarge released (current Debian stable release)
December 2006 -- Projected release date of Debian etch (next Debian stable release)
January 2007 -- Projected release date of Windows Vista (next Windows release)

There can be any number of reasons to use Windows, and you're welcome to use whatever OS suits you best. But "Too old software"?!

It looks as if Debian stable is often old, because you know there are big developments in software included in it. Debian stable is not for those who want to run bleeding edge, but those who want to have a computer that works. If you want bleeding edge, you get some more bugs too, it's a tradeoff. In Debian, you have multiple choices w.r.t. how you make that tradeoff, because you can run either stable, testing, unstable, or any combination, or use sites like, etc.
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Postby alecs1 » 2006-03-28 12:55

i am back
i compiled qt 4.1 myself->qmake works
i dist-upgraded testing to unstable->opera works
and you missed my line where I said that debian stable (sarge) didn't gave me a desktop, it had problems starting X (asrock motherboard probably)
now this a bit o trolling:
-windows 2003 works out of box on my comp, debian sarge doesn't
-in windows I install opera, works, if I take the binaries from trolltech i believe they will work, if i install some game it will work
-in windows i don't have apt-get upgrade, but it's so easy to install whichever version of a software, so that solves much of the prolem of old software

yet, with all those arguments, now I'm trolling from debian sid, that's why I think I'm not in my right mind
go patch debian, I don't wan't to waste your time anymore
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Postby Lavene » 2006-03-28 16:40

alecs1 wrote:... ...
go patch debian, I don't wan't to waste your time anymore

I'm running the risk of feeding a troll here but I'm just curious: Did you submit any bugreports about all your problems? Debian is very much a community effort you know, it's not magically apearing out of a fat company. The developers depends on user feedback... they can't fix bugs they don't know about.

I'm not going to engage in a Debian vs Windows discussion, but if you have problems you can ask for help here, most of them is probably easy to fix. If you suspect a bug submit a bugreport (it's real easy... just enter 'reportbug' at the commandline and you'll be guided through the process) and help making things better. If you just want to troll... well, I can't stop ya.

I, and pretty much everyone else on this forum I'm sure, don't give a rats a** about what OS you choose, but I kinda take offence when someone comes by and starts badmouthing things instead of actually do or say something constructive.

So again; if you want help we'll be glad to do what we can, if not... enjoy whatever OS you'll find suits your needs.

Oh... and no, I'm not a Debian developer.

Tina :)
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Postby alecs1 » 2006-03-28 20:42

yes, I did "reportbug" the bugs
I said what I wanted to say, so you're feeding no troll, cool if someone understands, cool if not; go patch debian was friendly advice to make it better (because I'm not the only one having troubles with etch)
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