Compression (.rar, .zip, etc...)

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Compression (.rar, .zip, etc...)

Postby beexo » 2006-01-02 21:17

Wich packages are you using to manage .rar, .zip, ... files?
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Postby kink » 2006-01-02 21:56

The situation for rar is not that easy. There currently doesn't exist a good rar program that is free enough to be in Debian. There is an "unrar" in Debian but that can only handle a very old rar format. So I'm not using that format at all, because it doesn't provide much advantage over different formats. Especially since I don't have to pull things over a 28k8 line anymore, a couple of percent extra compression isn't that important.

For zip I just use 'zip' on the command line. For simple file operations like move, copy, (un)tar, (un)zip the commandline is the fastest way I know.
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Postby Scotti » 2006-01-03 04:05

I use file-roller. It's a GUI application. It handles pretty much any compression file type. Just make sure you have unrar, unzip, etc installed.

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# apt-get install file-roller zip unzip unrar
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Postby beexo » 2006-01-03 20:22

"File-roller is an archive manager for the GNOME environment."

What about for KDE environment?
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