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PostPosted: 2006-01-28 21:22
by adssse
I saw this article and found it interesting as it was talking about debian. I thought I would post the link for others to take a look if they wanted. (I apologize if it has already been posted, did a search and didnt see it)

Jump to Debian GNU/Linux!
A guide to why the Debian distro is a good choice

By Arturo Fernández Montoro ... to_debian/

PostPosted: 2006-03-24 19:07
by muskrat
That's an exalent article. But the author made a statment that debian didn't have as good a hardware detection as redhat or mandrake. I guess he is technoly correct. Except I find Knoppix hardware detector far supieror to redhats. Now I know knoppix isn't debian, yet it's debian based.

So you can still jump to debian by using some of these new debian based distros.

As a side point of interest to me, Why doesn't Debian use the knoppix hardwrae detector in an upcoming release?

I see even some of these slackware based distros have choosen to use it instead of redhats anymore.