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Postby newarrow » 2006-10-04 16:34

I worked with vmware always before, untill i bought new machine with amd64 support and installed Debian amd64. vmware does not support amd64, so i had to search for another virtual machine. QEMU was the best from all i found. And now i find it much better than vmware. It's a pity kqemu not exists in debian, so i had to compile and install t manually, cos without kqemu qemu is very bad (i think debian must have it, qemu is useless without it). I was thinking about install xen, but speed i get with qemu is so fine that i changed my mind.
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Postby muskrat » 2006-10-05 17:00

I might also add that there is no such thing as a tar.gz to deb converter. There is only alien, which converts Slackware tgz files, LSB compliant rpm files and Solaris slp files as best it can.

I stand corrected, alien was the program I was speaking of, I just never used it so was unfamuler with it's limitations, Just speaking from a thought I had when I saw it in passing.

But I believe I'll checkout that checkinstall.
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Postby _FOCUS_ » 2006-12-05 12:25

I had a wrong decision and took Leadtek graphic card. After I tried long time to run x . at end I could success to run it. But now I can't run tvtime kdetv etc.
When I try to configure kde file it gives me x server couldn't find message.
in the other hand my new downloaded vmware give message like that " version.h file and your kernel doesn't match.
I am using deb in my home and I haven't internet. What do you suggest me?
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