[ANNOUNCE] LiSt - Linux Statistics

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[ANNOUNCE] LiSt - Linux Statistics

Postby dma147 » 2006-03-02 07:58

I want to announce a project which was in discussion a bit beside klive.

Linux Statistics [1] or LiSt how this project is called, is a client/server project which generates accurate statistics of the linux userbase and their hard- and software.
For this it provides a small client called "LiSt" which is written in python and which everybody has to install to register his machine in our database. This client application will then collect the following hard- and software information from your linux system (use "LiSt -p" to see the information which will be sent):
- The installation date of your distribution
- The hostname (no fqdn or ips)
- The architecture (x86/i586/i686, ppc, and so on)
- CPU information: vendor, model, number of cpus, frequencies
- Swap
- Timezone
- user defined locales
- Windowmanager
- Kernel version
- Uptime information
- The size of mounted partitions (no shares)
- the used filesystems
- the complete kernel configuration (.config)
- the complete list of loaded kernel modules (lsmod)
- the complete X11 configuration
- The hardware-IDs of used ISA/PCI/AGP and USB hardware

The client will send these information to our server, which stores them in our database and generates accurate statistics out of them.
All of the collected information and data is absolutly anonymous!

You can see an example on how your personal system overview can look like on the public system overview page of the autor of this project: dma147' system overview
You can switch your own system overview page to be public in your preferences of your account.

Where else can you submit your *complete* system configuration and publish it to the whole world especially in such an easy way??

Also read our privacy policy [2] to become sure that all is anonymous and safe.
Some more information on frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ [3].



[1] http://www.linux-stats.org
[2] http://www.linux-stats.org/?c=privacy
[3] http://www.linux-stats.org/?c=faq

Postby kevsthabest » 2006-03-06 06:29

after a quick install and registered, i must say, its quite the nice peice of software!!

very useful for those who are looking into building a linuxbox and wondering whats the norm, what works and what doesnt:)

+1 on this one!
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