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Hi everybody ;-)

PostPosted: 2005-01-22 08:49
by racoontje
Hi! Some of you may know me from #debian/#gentoo.

Unlike some (in both the Debian and Gentoo camp), I have absolutely no problem at running mutliple distro's. If Debian and Gentoo would work exactly alike, and they had the same pro's and con's, there'd be no need for both, now would there ;-)

My router uses OpenBSD. My game box and my high tech fancy SMP box (2x Opteron on DK8ES :lol:) both run Gentoo, for the simple reason that installing packages and compiling doesn't take much time at all anyway with those processors. Plus, compare installing a fully functional Enemy Territory, Doom 3, Q3A, cube... on Gentoo vs. $DISTRO ;-)

However, I have other boxes as well. Test boxes, and stable ones. Three P2's, to be exact. One will be random test box, the other will be a synergy server, the third one will be a mail/IM/general comms box with a synergy client.

PostPosted: 2005-01-22 09:27
by AdrianTM
I'm just curious, what the purpose of the post? ;)
I'm not criticizing you, anyway this forum is kind of quiet, but I just want to understand... just boasting around?

PostPosted: 2005-01-22 10:56
by racoontje
Just to say hi. And possibly a warning that my posts may sometimes be Gentoo-related ;-)

PostPosted: 2005-01-22 18:31
by AdrianTM
Hi :)

Welcome to the forum. I don't mind if you talk about Gentoo. Hope posters over here will benefit from your experience.