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A laser printer report

PostPosted: 2005-03-23 13:27
by joepotter
Hello All,

Staples has a Brother HL-2070N laser printer on sale for $199 US at this time. You will find no information on it in the linuxprinting data base, nor will you find a driver in cups that says "hl-2070" but if you just tell cups it is an hl-2060 if works perfectly.

This is a network printer like we use at work. The best part is the wife can print her coupons out even if my machine is off. Or, if I am playing with some strange distro and have not gotten the printing working yet it still works for the other boxen.

It just works. Smile

PostPosted: 2005-04-17 21:28
by ozar
Just a side note... the Brother HL-5150D laser also works great with Linux.