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Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-17 01:58
by dilberts_left_nut
jube wrote:The DPI issue is tought but its part of a bigger problem, there are 5 different config systems at work, dconf,gconf,gsettings,xconf,and cinnamon-settings-deamon, the obvious answer is to harmonise the packages to use 1 system, i have my eyes on this which promisses similar performance to windows registry and much more important promisses a stable API.
But DPI is first and there is a fair amount of code work there, but i think its essential, any linux desktop needs to put the same sort of information density onscreen as win7
Looking at chunky post-war russian fonts and icons is not the way to go :)

Wow, is it really worse than win7?
I've been trying to find a way to improve the shitty DPI I get in Win, but it seems the only two choices are large and larger ...

X ftw.

So the problem you are describing is just "settings layer" issue and is purely related to the infrastructure required to draw the box and checkbox and spin control widgets to set the setting by clickety-clicking?

Because I just put
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Option         "UseEdidDpi" "False"
Option          "DPI" "81 x 81"
in my xorg.conf and it works fine.
In any DE or WM.

Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-17 04:26
by jube
Nope have to say the level of detail between win7 and any linux desktop on my asus gs53 is remarkable, since i dual boot all the time i really notice it,
But then i really do know my way round windows ( to the point of authoring my own versions) so have tweaked my win setups a bit, but even standard its in a different leauge.
font rendering is only part of it, windows boarders, icons well everything is lots more delicate, the lines on a pixel-to pixel are MUCH finer, cinnamon had
an element of that delicacy till recently ( last week )

Option "UseEdidDpi" "False"
Option "DPI" "81 x 81"

yep great, i use same version for nvidia, but it ony affects some apps, does NOTHING for the icons, window frames, and most of the desktop fonts on cinnamon
and since all the boarders etc take valluable desktop space i need them as delicate/small as possible.

Have no idea how we have got to the settings situation we are in, just know instintivly it needs sorting, linux developers are drowning in all this crap,
even as a beginer who is trying to write simple code, i got no idea what the hell to use for my settings, since nothing is going to work in 6 months as all the API's dance about.
So bugger it, if no one else cares i do , and will work by self to fix it :)

Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-17 10:57
by dilberts_left_nut

By all means, carry on and fix all that broken FOSS stuff, so it can be shiny and smooooth (just like win7).

It's a wonder no-one has thought to do it before - oh wait - they tried but lacked the required skills, no?

Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-18 01:07
by jube
YEP :) :)
i absolutly do lack the necessary code skills :) :) :)
but seems im all there is at the moment, so what the hell, its good excuse to get proficient at c/c++, bash and python.
im not trying to save world, but what im after ( yes something to challenge win7 ) seems appaulingly simple,
all the main stuff is there, the kernel is excellent, the graphics stack excellent and getting better, ( not a foss fan, ill use anything can get hands on ),
i mean look at android and surfacefinger, if you ran that without a java vm, WOW
It seems to me getting the perfect hi-res effect is just matter of tweaking stuff, i dont see any majour re-writes of anything,
and that applies to all the other things have eyes on,
eg i have replaced udisks2/gvfs ( on way to removing polkit,consolekit) and everything works like a dream, was not that hard, did not take long
just took a willingness to think unconventially and effectivly, with a purpose and a plan :)

Ok build scripts have had total rewrite, cinnamon-themes and nemo-extensions have no releses so had to apply ability to mix release/git biulds on a package baisis, a pain :)
all the makfiles are out of date, i am using aaa-linkup scripts, same as make but uses links ( -c to clen )
easiest way of install is aaa-install-all in base of git
docs updated
everything works, but maybe a bug or 2 left, new builds will be in package git later

Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-18 06:07
by nath
Let's see... replaced polkit and consolekit, improving dpi and font rendering, centralized settings, up to date cinnamon on top of pure debian... now that would make an innovative distro, unlike the thousand ubuntu clones on distrowatch :D

Re: Cinnamon 2 on Debian testing jessie

PostPosted: 2013-11-18 11:28
by jube
i agree and thank you :) ( add a working wayland server and properly working gtk backend for it, udev-fork, and a custom init based on a liberal mix of andriod-init and runit, then you have my mind )