What happened to Elvis? (vi editor)

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What happened to Elvis? (vi editor)

Postby stream303 » 2007-01-10 08:07

I'm a casual vi-jockey and like to play around with nvi, elvis, and of course vim.

It appears that elvis hasn't been worked on since 2003 or so. Anyone know if this is just lack of interest/time etc? I always thought that the ability to read html with Elvis (late versions) was a cool option.

:display html
:display normal

I had to apt-get elvis-console since installing just the normal elvis crashed when running in X on my Etch-testing iMac.

OOPS - just answered my own question after some searching. Seems that the author of Elvis still uses it all the time and will eventually update it. - read on comp.editors, Oct 19 2006
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