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Lumina desktop runs on Debian

PostPosted: 2014-09-25 14:45
by thenewguy
Some of you may be aware of a new desktop environment being developed for FreeBSD and PC-BSD. The new desktop, called Lumina[0], largely came about because the BSD folks are concerned porting existing open source desktop environments will take too much time[1]. Technologies like systemd and Wayland are making it more daunting to port Linux desktops over to BSDland.

Since Lumina is lightweight and avoids ties to any one operating system, it is fairly easy to port. This morning Lumina was patched so that it builds and runs on Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD[2]. I think it is nice to see a lightweight desktop environment being actively developed which attempts to remain portable across platforms.

Has anyone here tried Lumina? I've given it a whirl and, so far, it works pretty well for me. The only issue I've run into is I can't shutdown my computer from within Lumina, I need to logout and then shutdown. Otherwise everything has been working well.

[2] ... t-56810329

Re: Lumina desktop runs on Debian

PostPosted: 2014-09-25 15:24
by harrycaul
This reminded me of Razor-qt, and lo and behold, in the FAQ comments-

Ken Moore wrote:I have not any discussions with other developers about collaboration (yet), but I know that a few people want me to work with the LXDE/Razor-QT developers.

I would have tried it if I had not given up on kFreeBSD.

Re: Lumina desktop runs on Debian

PostPosted: 2014-09-25 17:21
by llivv
the deps for linux are probably geared more towards what buntu and mint consider lightweight.

but fluxbox is fairly light so I guess that is a decent lightweight desktop env.

still makes it harder to monitor for sysd deps as they get integrated further.

Re: Lumina desktop runs on Debian

PostPosted: 2014-09-26 03:22
by buntunub
Oh that is interesting! I hope it develops into something lightweight and not another clone of the boxes.