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A Newbie's Introduction

PostPosted: 2005-07-21 00:49
by DarkRainbow
Hi, my name is David, I'm new to the board. I thought I'd take a second to introduce myself. I go to Ohio State, and I've created a new Open Source project.

It's not technical. It's basically a new medium of entertainment, in which I record my voice reading a short story I wrote against a background of popular music. I call it an Open Source Project because it was built entirely with Open Source technology (think LAME, Audacity, Open Office), and like all things open source, it's free!

I'm dedicating this project to the Open Source Community, because had it not been for Open Source technology I would have never been able to get it off the ground. I know that a lot of people that work on Open Source projects like to hang out on Linux and other freeware boards, which is why I came here.

Here's the link:

Thank you Open Source Community, and thanks for having me on your board!