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[funny] Why Linux users don't use Internet Explorer

PostPosted: 2007-02-15 21:23
by synux

After a lot of investigation, I found the answer to the question "Why Linux users don't use Internet Explorer".. So, it started like this:
I was thinking that Micro$oft's WWW browser can't be _that_ good, and when I tried to access Google with IE, I got the following message:
So, I guess that Linuxers don't use Internet Explorer (even if there is IEs4Linux) because it simply can't browse the World Wide Web :lol:
(This should be just a joke.. I don't want to bash something..)

PostPosted: 2007-02-15 23:13
by Grifter
microsoft actually did begin work on porting IE to linux back in 98 I think it was, along with media player and a third program which I can't remember what it was

the projects were cancelled and forgotten shortly afterward, but not before a few alphas had gotten out

PostPosted: 2007-02-16 04:04
by jml
Now if we could just modify that application to filter the cruft we are beginning to hear from the talking heads as we move into the next election cycle here in the USA. But I supose everything would be blocked. :lol:


PostPosted: 2007-02-16 06:19
by _FOCUS_
At work my colleges use ie insistently. But I don't use it except some hell gov aspx web site. İf you use explorer you can lost yourself in it. A lot of windows ( this suits its name ) opening. And you can't find your first visited site again.

PostPosted: 2007-02-16 06:59
by Blyiss
It is nice to have Internet Explorer running even on Linux machines especially for web-developers, since Microsoft is still powerful. The point is that Linux IE doesn't exist except the wine modification combining IE 5, 5.5, 6: ... for-linux/
IE6 is outdated with lots of limitations, but IE7 is much nicer with tab browsing and PNG alpha-channel support, though it is still in beta, they say, but I am not sure because I use my XP occasionally. I don't like slow OSs.

PostPosted: 2007-02-16 09:53
by Optional
There was a native version of IE4 for linux back in the day...

I have IE 5, 5.5, and 6.0 installed on linux for testing websites. 8)

I need to see about installing 7.0 some time~

PostPosted: 2007-02-16 15:37
by Scotti
LoL, good stuff, synux.

PostPosted: 2007-02-16 21:58
by synux
Scotti wrote:LoL, good stuff, synux.


PostPosted: 2007-02-17 01:33
by mzilikazi
Optional wrote:There was a native version of IE4 for linux back in the day...

I have IE 5, 5.5, and 6.0 installed on linux for testing websites. 8)

I need to see about installing 7.0 some time~

I spent 2 days trying to get IE7 installed for a friend on an XP machine. You had to endure the Genuine (dis)Advantage tool or it would refuse to install. Once installed it refused to let him access his mail account and gave us a typical (useless) M$ error message. "IE has crashed for an unknown reason and must shutdown". Thanks Bill for that lovely and extremely helpful error message - you rock! Back to IE6 we went and down came Firefox to take up residence as defualt browser. Good luck getting IE7 to run in WINE.

PostPosted: 2007-02-17 02:25
by mdevour
I think there is an opportunity here...

If you have the chance to build a web site, especially something oriented toward young-ish gamerz or other demanding, nerdy technical types, trick it out and fully optimize it for firefox and other well-behaved cross-platform browsers and make sure that Internet Explorer users see a box tucked away in a corner somewhere explaining:

Internet Explorer Users:
This site is optimized for Firefox, Opera,
and (whatever other) browsers.
To fully enjoy its graphics design
and user friendly features, please
install one of the above programs.

Of course the content and missing bling need to be desirable enough together to tempt them to try a new browser rather than blow you off... but it can become part of the culture of the site pretty fast.

It could become a movement.

<sigh> Dreaming is pleasant sometimes.

Mike D.