What kind of music you listen?

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What kind of music you listen?

Postby 1624 » 2016-07-15 18:38

I am huge fan of music. Always have, since i can remember.

I dont't think what i do this information, but i hope to find some new artists/bands maby?

I listen all the time all kind of Black metal. And To/Die/For (GothiC metal) So i listen black metal most of the time and To/Die/For.. But doom metal, folk symphonic etc... is awesome too.

I also love 80's Italo disco. 90's eurodance and some 90's pop bands. With good taste. (Army of Lovers etc...)

Since 2004, i have be new obsession to Russian music.
I just simply love it!

Similar to Finnish music. Far away from that American (peeps) "What they play, does they even play" music.

Melancholy i love. Happy songs too with good melody.. Folk metal, Viking metal etc... Some American bands are too OK. Can't name them now... Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Ah they are nof from USA. Cradle from England and Dimmu From Norway. Marilyn manson is from America and he wrote good music. Not i buy it but it's OK.

For Marily Manson i LOVE SOUNDTRACK from Resident Evil. That's pure wisdom of him.

Is there any good American band? Nirvana and Marilyn Manson is awesome!!! Not what i buy or download, but good to listen from Youtube.

My favourite band is To/Die/For since year 1997. I have all albums in CD, Japanese editions too and one Vinyl album. Gothic Rock/metal from Finland.

My fav Black metal band is Mustan Kuun Lapset. also from Finland.

There is some my favs.

To/Die/For - Together complete (Finland)


Mustan Kuun Lapset - Aria (Finland)


Army Of Lovers - Judgment Day (Sweden)


KAUAN - Neulana Hetkessä (Russian/Ukraine) LYRICS IN FINNISH and RUSSIAN.


Summoning - Through the Forest of Dol Guldur (Austria) Damn i love this band.


Many more.

Some Russian Artist/bans i like...

Натали - Считалочка "Natali - Syntaloshka" (Russian)


Нэнси - Дым Сигарет с Ментолом "Nensi - Dim Sigaret s mentolom" (Russian)


Краски - Ты пишешь мне письмо "Kraski - Ty pishes mne pismo (Russian)


Виктор Цой (Кино)- Звезда по имени солнце "Victor Stoy or Kino - Svezda po Imeni solntse" (Russian)


Just few names... there is lots of favs to me. :)

Put some of your favourite artists/bands and Youtubelink link to them.

Maby i find new music to listen:)
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Re: What kind of music you listen?

Postby 1624 » 2016-07-15 19:12

wizard10000 wrote:I'm old. I listen to Old People's Music.


Old people music is good too.

What kind of old people music you listen?

I Love "Ikivihreää" (Evergreen) finnish music.

I have ALL Hanne albums in Vinyl. There is no CD's. Only Vinyls or Cassettes of them.

That is Finnish music, but you can tell there is little hint of Russian music... :)

Hanne - Ainokainen ilta

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Re: What kind of music you listen?

Postby 1624 » 2016-07-15 19:25

One my fav for since i was child.

Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki

I love listen him over and over.

I have that "Kaikki laulut" box. All songs box in English.

Vinyls of him are too expesive to me... But i wanna them.

This kind of old music? or older...

Rauli Badding Somerjoki - Tähdet tähdet


Sweden subtitles on video;)
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