What kernel do you use

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Re: What kernel do you use

Postby millpond » 2017-04-13 01:48

bester69 wrote:
Deb-fan wrote:4.9 custom compiled from source from the fine folks over at kernel.org. Still don't know a millionth of what da heck I'm doing w the kernel but enough to compile one of the suckers that runs pretty good on Debian Jessie.

At least nothing has caught on fire in the last couple months, 4.8bpo as backup.

I never compiled a kernel, I go to ubuntu's ftp and install them (dpkg -i *.deb :) ), they work well in my experience, and i've installed around 20 or 30 differents versions.
Ive tested several versions, and i cant improve 4.4.39 for my AcerExtensa 5230. So i gave it up, and stay in this version kernel until computer dies.

I havent had any kernel issues here (that I am aware of!) so its been a while, but once upon a time Linux users were kind of expected to compile their own kernels to get the most out of their systems. Back in the days when RAM was $50 per Mb. NB: Mb.
There is a config script that is awesome in that it allows you to configure the kernel to your system with alot of precision. With google as your brain, it would be a true learning adventure.

I'll probably be doing it again the next time I need to take the system apart - as I need to disconnect the other drives to keep grub's filthy mitts off them. I really do hate grub.....
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