Stretch + Kde5 (its ready!!)

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Re: Stretch + Kde5 (its ready!!)

Postby bester69 » 2017-01-08 11:25

Swansen wrote:KDE Neon

Yeah, i've always had good luck when i was using a third party distro KDE centric built on debian, but always varying results with KDE directly over debian. maybe except KDE 3.5 .

That being said, i've been a little out of the KDE loop as of late, they've gone through so many transitions in the last few years. i just spent the last few days catching back up. KDE Neon looks really promising right now for a simple KDE-centric distro on a stable base. Which is weird given that LTS ubuntu is built on debian testing... Looking at what is going on with Neon, i can see completely that plasma 5 is totally stable as of right now, and i couldn't believe the 300-400mb foot print. that's so low, and something KDE had been promising for some time now, its really great to finally see it.

However, that just wasn't the case for me, i was looking at 900mb idle at boot(with various other issues). right now i have LXQT working without issues for me, and on a debian base i like. If i run into issues i'll look at KDE neon next.

KDE Neon is based on ubuntum i think, so im not interested on it, debian is my girl :D

yeah, KDE is around 900mb idle at boot, I bought some RAM (4GB), and now i can work propertly, becouse 2GB nowdays is litle memory to work in KDE.

I choose KDE as my default desktop, it gives me all i need, I try before XFCE, Mate (I'd love caja was based on dolphin), Unity, Gnome and all of them doesnt fit my needs when comparing with KDE. I picked KDE mainly becouse two reasons, dolphin explorer (Which is ultimate easy explorer) and Akonadi framewrok (which is ultimate e-mail services). Also becouse its all an integrated enviroment and has a long life project continuity.

Other thing, I was using stable, but now Ive changed my mind, and I think its better and more funny to use testing (from sixth/eigth moth or so, testing is ready to enjoy, before it can be too unstable), you've last updates and your system works better (last improvements).

Now, im a Kde+ testing man :o
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Re: Stretch + Kde5 (its ready!!)

Postby Swansen » 2017-03-04 04:40

in jessie KDE4 is only available. However, i am writing this now from Debian testing, a fresh install with KDE5 and its working really well. think that was 3 months ago? was totally borked for me but its working great right now.

Maui linux which is based on Neon was 440mb at idle for me(both are on Ubuntu LTS). i'm seeing 550mb right now on KDE. KDE5 is not what kde use to be in the past, its perfectly capable of being slim and sleek(which was like a goal towards the end of 3.5 but finally has been delivered upon). just for comparison, LXQT was using 350mb at idle(however, i realize ram usage is not necessarily a perfect measure of performance, CPU load/utilization etc.)

Anywho, point in posting is that everything seems stable enough to me at this point for actual daily use(did run into a bug where the system setting kept crashing). I'm considering installing LXQT again just because it was so slim, but as of writing right now its late, about to call it a night and probably won't jump into that for fear of breaking stuff. anywho, thought i'd update this.

LXQT is the only other native QT windower(well, with canonical changing unity to QT, that will change things..). Anyhow, LXQT is like a stripped down lightweight version of KDE(essentially, and is capable of using kwin) that will work natively with all kde apps(QT apps, ie dolphin). Its still pretty early in development so its a little rough with regards to certain features, but i'd put it at or above the stability of KDE5 in testing currently. Comparatively however, KDE is a much larger project, is more complex and has more code to go over. So i guess its to be expected given these early stages.
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