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Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 17:35
by bis
Can someone help me, please? :) I really need it...

Re: Invitation needed PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 18:04
by bis
Please guys, I need secure email. My ex is narcissist, I been away several times he finds me and stalks me. Now he went even further - using detectives and hackers on me. I learned to use Tails and hide myself, but need to do more steps, one of which is the mail... Thanks in advance :oops:

Re: Invitation needed PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 18:18
by Segfault
Use protonmail.

Re: Invitation needed PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 18:30
by bis
That's web based, I need somethings that's only on my laptop :(

Re: Invitation needed PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 19:32
by Segfault
Well, don't know then. Riseup invitations should come only from people who know you. You want to start your membership based on violation of rules? This already tells the story, now we know you and will not invite.

Re: Invitation needed PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 19:43
by bis
Ok, np. I didn't actually read till the end... Thought it was to prevent from spammers as it was said in the start of the req form. Don't want to break any rules, neither am going to spam anybody, I'm not a teen or an idiot, just wanted to protect myself. Ty, may be someone knows any other good secured mail for icedove?

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 21:15
by qyron
Startmail then?
Its a paid service but meets your requirements.

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-04 21:28
by bis
Can't afford 50 e for email right now. I left my home, work, everything... saving money for new home. Also paying study and bills. Anyway, thanks.

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 10:52
by Thorny
bis wrote:Can someone help me, please? :) I really need it...

First the disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so I cannot give legal advice.

I do however have a suggestion.

I don't have any idea where you are but most countries have courts and police.

If your Ex is stalking you, you need to get the police involved and the courts. You need to get a judge to make some kind of restraining order to keep the Ex from doing those things. If you just frustrate him by trying to hide, eventually he might escalate his harassment to something physical against you. He may be in a mental state to do something really bad. If there is a court order for him to stay away from you and stop his harassment then the police can arrest him if he doesn't stop.

If, as you state, you are already "hacked" then getting a secure email might not be enough.

I'm sorry for your trouble but it isn't something that is likely to be solved with software.

I wish you good luck!

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 11:36
by Head_on_a_Stick

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 12:01
by bis
Hi Thorny,

Thanks for your advices! I left him with help of organisation agains violence. Restraining order is long and hard to prove process as "everyone is allowed to go anywhere they want".
Also, I am not really afraid he would harm me - he can, but I am more afraid for people who I have contact with, who are helping me or are my friends.
That's how I found out he's stalking/spying on me. First he claimed that he could "see" me and "feel" me, that God gave him the power to literally see everything I do, say... That he has supernatural powers. I ignored that nonsense, but I started thinking about demons and magic, when he start quoting everything what I do or say and how I feel. Everything I said by voice or write by skype or fb, he would sms to me and then when a guy, old friend came by me home one night... Then he broke down and was crying all night, my mother said (she lived there with him to take care of my dog). She also saw him to pay big amounts of cache money to a guy and daily having these long conversations on the phone, which made him extremely engraged... My mom does not understand neither dutch or english, so she couldn't know what was that about, but she knew was something about me as she heard my name.

My biggest problem was to understand how he is spying on me. He admitted, but he wouldn't tell me how and what. I know he could hear me what I am saying in home and he could see what I am writting/saying on skype. I know he can't see me. He could activate cameras from phone or tablets, but that's limited wiev. I also saw a drone in the house around that time which was no toy, bur pro-like (it flied way too high when i tried to make photo and stood way longer than the usual toys, and on top of that was hiding behind the nearest flat afterwards). I thought it might be involved and planted some physical spying devices from window or something.
But that's just a guess. I wish I knew whos services he is using and what for tools are these detectives using.
I know for sure that he hacked my pc though as with only microphone can't see what I am writting online. I did put Tails linux on and I stopped using phone/tablets inet, I don't use Skype anymore, If I have to write msg, I use only fb.
I wanted to set up a pc as a fw/router to connect my other devices trough, but I abandoned that idea as I have no extra money for another pc and I am not sure I can do it on practice (I haven't dealt with these things since I was young). So I've just limitted my usage to the device with Tails, and no google, gmail, youtube old logins...

Thanks Head_on_a_Stick! I think this url is gonna be very helpful!

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 17:52
by pylkko
well, this is a bit creepy.

however, if you are wondering how he could be spying on you, then you must ask yourself if you are using any computers or other "smart devices" (these are essentially computers) that he has had access to at some point. one old trick to spy on people is to install a so called keylogger. this is a program that you can download from the internet install it on Windows and then have it run silently all the time in the backround and log (write to a file) every single keystroke that the victim makes. In this way an attacker can gain access to the victims passwords (think email address/skype/messengers/social media etc). i read of such a case in a local newspaper. a guy was given a sentence in court after he had broken up with a girl but installed a keylogger on the girl's computer. he then was able to spy on her activity on social media sites. however, the girl noticed this by coincidence and took her laptop to the police and the spy software was found.

most people also do not realize that if you have a google account and you are logged in while you search (some people are always logged into their google) then by default google will store in "my activities" all the things that you searched for and on what day. you as the owner of the account can look through this data, but if some one else has access to your account, then they can also see all of this. what you seacrh on an internet search engine can reveal a lot about what you are thinking at that time/what your plans for the future are etc. that's why google wants that data to begin with.

if you suspect that this is the case, you should change your account's password and activate two factor authetication, so that any action on the account requires both your password and another password that is sent to you by sms. this is relatively safe, since it is hard to hack sms and also the passwords are temporary and expire immediately as you use them.

that you say that he can hear you when you make skype calls makes me suspect that he maybe has gotten access to your devices microphone, which is to me seems far worse than him being able to see what you type.

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 21:25
by bis

- He is not physically stalking me this time (or someone else is doing that for him);
- He uses services of professionals (he has no friends, especially with such a knowledge, he himself is like caveman with computers);
- He can hear me what I am saying at home when I'm not on Internet, just home conversations - or physical spy device (less likely, but possible (I live in a secure home, but my window is often open)), or remotely activating camera/microphone from tablets/phone;
- He could read my skype conversation and voice chats;
- He could hear me when I wake up even if it's in the middle of the night, without to use internet or whatever, but again had phone/tablets on;
- He can hear only what's happening on the 3th floor where my sleeping room is, 1st and 2nd seems safe;
- He paid lots of cash money to a guy who he recently met (possibly more often than what my mother just saw);
- He has daily long phone conversations after which he goes upset and starts talking to my mom about me and what I do (which is matching to the reality - I actually do what he is saying);
It's also a fact that this is not going on from long. But I have no idea how much he have seen or learned.


- He could read my whatsapp and my emails (the google network...).
- They've planted microphones/cams with this drone from the window.


- I'm using only Tails now on a stick and I think it is safe.
- I think I don't have keylogger on, yet I sometimes use virtual kbd, when it's important.
- I've changed every password, not using google products, only utube on a different account


I am not paranoid, nor I am crazy (although I attend to psychiaters&psychologs helping me deal with PTSD and all what's happening). I have very bad memory and hard to concentrate on things and tasks, but they've told me I have very good analytic/logical thinking (and crazy ppl lack at logic). And I also have very high IQ (did only 1 mistake on one of the number patterns and I also found out the answer few days later when I tried to memorize the numbers, it wasn't hard though +6,-3 pattern...)

I haven't got long experience or much knowledge with Networking/Security/OS's or programming or comp soft/hard-ware. But I have the base of all these things. I had interest and passion when everything was new, when the internet was a new thing and wasn't full of crap like now. Was just 5 when my dad told me to re-write games from books if I wanted to play games (those were very simple games though). I know little, but I also know much, because this is how I grew up (lots of OS's, hacking, cracking experience, but all those things were just for fun and at that time Internet was not comercializated, nor there were laws for it.
I'm very well aware of Google network and their logs and connections, but I have like 10+ accounts on my phone/tablet/note - mine and all my family ones. It never bothered me before, because I'm just simple user.. not doing anything that needs hiding.
And it can be handy tbh. Anyway, I am saying all these things, not to think I am just crazy or paranoid and I know what's possible and what's note.
I am tempted to ask police to come check for spy devices, but I'm afraid if they don't find any they won't take me seriously later on when I need them and will think I'm crazy or paranoid. I myself at a times thoght of being just gone crazy and not sure what reality is any more...

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-05 23:53
by Bulkley
In a situation as described above consider all internet hardware to be compromised. The best bet is to stay off the Internet. Second best is to replace any tool used on the Internet ( phones, tablets, computers) and find a new ISP. Do all computing through a secure proxy. Avoid anything to do with Windows or Microsoft, including Skype. I would avoid Android which might be a bit more secure than Windows but is so popular that someone will have figured out how to compromise it.

Is there a smart TV in the house? Does it have a camera? If so, disconnect it from the Internet and phone line. Find an older style cell phone that does not have a camera and cannot be tracked. Do not give out your phone number; change it frequently.

Using Tails is a good idea. When installed on a USB stick you can do your computing from Internet cafes and Libraries. If you keep changing locations and use a VPN it will be very hard to get at your stuff.

Personal security is much more than dead bolts and clever software. It requires a wary state of mind.

Re: Need secure email PLEASE

PostPosted: 2017-02-09 19:37
by millpond
Also: Avoid wireless. Cover all cameras, disable all microphones - or keep the devices well away when not in use.

A *very* good hacker will be able to compromise just about any system at the motherboard level, due to the spy features of modern CPUs. Better off with an old XP era system, wired, and which will not work with gnome 3 (if it can, it might be too new).