Error: Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.

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Error: Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.

Postby DonTrash » 2017-04-08 10:21

I'm trying to dualboot Kali Linux and Windows 10 Pro.
While installing GRUB bootloader i get an error:

"Unable to install GRUB in dummy
Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.
This is a fatal error."

I tried to follow the steps on ... SSD/jessie
After i type in: "grub-install --target=x86_64-efi /dev/nvme0n1" I get following error:
"grub-install: error: cannot open '/boot/efi/EFI/klai/grubx64.efi' : read-only file system."

What could I do?

To my system:

- Windows 10 Pro
- Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460
- 8 GB RAM
- Intel Core i7-6500U

- Kali 64 Bit Version: 2016.2
- Win32 to create USB

- UEFI only
- secure boot disabled
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Re: Error: Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.

Postby arochester » 2017-04-08 10:42

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