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Re: delete this thread

Postby dasein » 2017-05-14 19:24

GarryRicketson wrote:Did you report the PM to admins,...?

Nah. In my experience, the cruelest thing one can do with folks at this level is to let them keep talking. The more they speak, the more obvious their innumerable limitations become.
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Re: delete this thread

Postby Lysander » 2017-05-14 19:26

For some reason I thought Debian users were mature/intelligent enough not to address each other in such ways. This is what comes from not getting what you want, I suppose.
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Re: delete this thread

Postby phenest » 2017-05-14 19:52

Lysander wrote:This is what comes from not getting what you want, I suppose.

I think some people should learn to think before speaking. And if they forget to do it in that order, then to take what comes their way, and back down instead of attacking. We're only trying to help. :roll:
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Re: delete this thread

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-05-14 20:49

And I know, I am guilty of this sometimes my self, often it is not intentional, but still
thinking about what we say, before we say it goes a long way. Reading it before hitting
the submit button as well.
Especially on a public forum , where we really don't know anything about the person
we say something to,..we have no way of knowing how it may affect the person.
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Re: delete this thread

Postby Grell » 2017-05-14 21:23

Ok, then ban me. I originally started this post because I wanted advice and I got attacked. Look at who started this argument, it was not myself. He accused me of not knowing anything about Linux and pretty much insulting me. I responded in that PM which perhaps was a bit mean, but when I feel attacked I will react.

Ban me then, I don't need to worry about every time I create a thread if someone is going to be rude to me.

Ban me.
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