Setting High Speed PWM on ATTiny85

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Setting High Speed PWM on ATTiny85

Postby nanawhite107 » 2017-06-26 09:11

I am having trouble setting up high speed pwm on my Attiny85. I need to use the PCK, at a speed of 400kHz. I believe that I have followed the data sheet correctly, but for some reason, the timer interrupt flags are not working.

If I program the device, the output of the corresponding pin is a constant 5V.

If I comment out the PCK setup and use the system clock instead, the flags are correctly set and PWM works fine. The code is posted. I apologize for the formatting and comments. Any thoughts as to why the flags aren't setting and the PWM isn't working?
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Re: Setting High Speed PWM on ATTiny85

Postby arochester » 2017-06-26 09:12

What does this have to do with Debian?
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Re: Setting High Speed PWM on ATTiny85

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-06-26 11:37

Edited,... I realized I posted a bad link , also looks like the other problem
has been taken care of.
So I edited and removed everything.
Thank you
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Re: Setting High Speed PWM on ATTiny85

Postby pylkko » 2017-06-26 11:56

There is a forum called avrfreaks where professional and hobbyists discuss avr microcontroller programming using Linux and other OS. Ask there.

This place you can ask about setting up a environment on Debian and get better answers than elsewhere, but other technical questions about the actual code you ate not likely to get good responses for

I suspect that you need to set the clock to 8 mhz and perhaps set a fuse. Read the data sheet and the errata. I have some vague recollection that 400 mhz pwm is possible but that there was some catch/problem. Attinys are not like atmegas in many respects
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