What are your favourite free wordpress themes and plugins?

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What are your favourite free wordpress themes and plugins?

Postby kedaha » 2017-08-12 07:09

There are only a few wordpress themes which have been packaged for Debian; in the current stable repository there are:

and the only plugins are

There are plenty of other wordpress themes out there but they're usually demos of premium versions and the same applies to the plugins too. There are security concerns also when installing from non-Debian sources.

It's possible to customise the themes packaged by Debian by creating Child_Themes, but it's not exactly the lazy man's option. :wink:

I just use the default packaged themes and customize them but, it'd be interesting to know —perhaps with a view to packaging them— what your favourite wordpress themes and plugins are, whether they be from the Debian repository or not but preferably wholly free ones rather than demos where the full range of features is only available on acquiring the premium versions.

Thank you for reading and for any comments.
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