Remapping keys using scancodes (in form 0xe0 0x30)

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Remapping keys using scancodes (in form 0xe0 0x30)

Postby THX1138b » 2017-09-22 00:03

I have a Bluetooth remote control and I'd like to map its buttons to keys of the keyboard. I actually find the scancodes confusing; they're not the same as what I get on Windows 10 (a single code for each button) and it seems like there is maybe one code for button down and another for button up. Can someone confirm whether button up/down is correct interpretation? I acquired the codes using the command "showkey --scancodes" in a virtual terminal. I've looked up instructions for remapping scancodes in Debian (edit /etc/default/keyboard) but they don't deal with scancodes in the format that I have.

On Windows 10, the shutter button and the volume up button have the same scancode. They're kind of different in antiX but only because the shutter button seems to send two signals for each the volume up would send and the third code of the four contains a unique code. It would be great if antiX could treat them as different buttons.

Shutter button
0xe0 0x30 0xe0 0x30
0xe0 0xbb 0xe0 0xb0

Volume up
0xe0 0x30
0xe0 0xb0

Volume down
0xe0 0x2e
0xe0 0xb0

0xe0 0x10
0xe0 0x90

0xe0 0x19
0xe0 0x99

0xe0 0x22
0xe0 0xa2
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