Suggestions for free hoster and website license?

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Suggestions for free hoster and website license?

Postby Mad_7 » 2018-01-10 18:17

Hi! :D

I wanted to create a website with some guides for Linux users.

1) Did you try any free hoster the last year?
Web is full of "free" offers, but most of them are just demos.

What I found so far is Google Sites (although we all know what Google means, seems to be the best offer) and WebNode (ONLY for English versions (or maybe the English and Canadian versions. I didn't try them). Paid WebNode users can use English lang on localized TLDs.

Besides Google and Webnode, do you know any other decent free hoster?
Preferably some with site builder or compatible with Kompozer. I only have, an intermediate HTML knowledge.

2) Under what license do you think, that content should be published?
GFDL maybe? Or a CC one?

After a quick inspection, seems to me that (International CC) BY-NC-SA, is a fit.
Permits republication and modifications (although it requires attribution) and prohibits commercial use (that sounds good to me).

Happy New Year
everyone!!! :-)
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Re: Suggestions for free hoster and website license?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2018-01-10 18:27

I used my page to host a (fake) man page for BunsenLabs:


Not very l33t but it's free and easy, just like me :twisted:
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