Getting rid of Windows

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Re: Getting rid of Windows

Postby sunrat » 2018-02-14 10:31

While we're hangin' it on Windows, I'd like to share a related story.
Recently I was commissioned to do a live multitrack recording for which I needed to use a Digico UB MADI interface to record tracks from a Digico SD10 mixer. There is no documented Linux driver for this interface (although I've heard since it may work) so I used my desktop PC with Win10 and Waves Tracks Live software. However Tracks Live wouldn't initialize properly with the interface so I decided to try Reaper which ultimately worked well.
Reaper wasn't installed however so I had to hotspot my phone and download it (~30MB). I neglected to disconnect it and Windows used 15GB of mobile data which cost me an extra $100 on my bill! So that's what auto downloads/uploads can do. Not happy. :? :evil:
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