ignore user not possible! meaning of colors for usernames?

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Re: ignore user not possible! meaning of colors for username

Postby jibberjabber » 2018-03-25 23:28

n_hologram>> Despite it's status as sub-alpha-quality trash, in its defense,it's bound to increase productivity at the workplace.

Thanks, n_hologram for sharing this script,
I don't know if you will read the reply, based on your screenshot, maybe not.
But that's great, I like how that works.
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Re: ignore user not possible! meaning of colors for username

Postby yeti » 2018-03-26 00:01

debiman wrote:i would suggest that users who have some sort of job here on fdn, and cannot restrict their outpours, open a secondary account for just that, and use the color coded account for whatever their task is, and only for that.

Big fat "+1"!
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Re: ignore user not possible! meaning of colors for username

Postby Lysander » 2018-03-26 08:13

jibberjabber wrote:It is sad to see this on this forum, Mr. or Mrs. Debiman could have really caused some harm to the person they are directing the term Logorrhea to

Going by your citation it's a perfectly reasonable diagnosis.

jibberjabber wrote:Life is not easy for those that are not as perfect as Mr/Mrs Debiman, and their buddies like Lysander.

Strange comment. I don't see my life as particularly perfect: I do have some physical advantages, very true, but the psychological ones are a different matter. I personally would not make such assumptions about someone I didn't know on the internet, and I would extend such an invitation to yourself.

jibberjabber wrote:Some people that have had strokes, also are affected in ways that make them appear drunk, or something, and it can affect the way they write.

That is indeed true, I have met one such person and I thought he was inebriated, turns out he had, I think, a tumour or was recovering from a stroke.

jibberjabber wrote:I do happen to know the person they are referring to, and I am sure they will be happy to know the member they are referring to will not be around any more, at least posting anything, nor trying to help any one. The damage is done.

I dare say that's for the best. That is not meant to sound heartless, it's purely a statement of fact.

jibberjabber wrote:I suppose in the opinion of Debiman, any one that is not as prefect as he is, should be shot in the head, I saw in another topic where he/she actually did suggest that, so that kind of shows what kind of person Debiman is. "Shoot em in the head", if you don't like them.

People should have a thicker skin, especially on the internet. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are far more lethal in their commentary than the Debian forums [I would venture that YouTube is even worse than 4chan]. Having said that, I have mentioned in a previous topic that I acknowledge the harm that can be caused by such comments.
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