Algorithmic Sovereignty

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Algorithmic Sovereignty

Postby golinux » 2018-04-05 01:02

One of dasein's most brilliant posts which statistically analyzes the GR vote - Combatting revisionist history - is discussed in this thesis (which I had not planned to post here). But the PM I sent to him weeks ago has not been retrieved and now I understand that he is no longer participating in this forum. (golinux sheds a tear) I'm hoping that either he may stop by and see it or that someone knows dasein outside this forum and will let him know that this thesis has been completed. Regardless, others here might find it interesting.

Algorithmic Sovereignty

Date: 2018
Author: Roio, Denis
Subject: algorithm, sovereignty, governance, software, practice

This thesis describes a practice based research journey across various projects dealing with the design of algorithms, to highlight the governance implications in design choices made on them. The research provides answers and documents methodologies to address the urgent need for more awareness of decisions made by algorithms about the social and economical context in which we live. Algorithms consitute a foundational basis across different fields of studies: policy making, governance, art and technology. The ability to understand what is inscribed in such algorithms, what are the consequences of their execution and what is the agency left for the living world is crucial. Yet there is a lack of interdisciplinary and practice based literature, while specialised treatises are too narrow to relate to the broader context in which algorithms are enacted.

This thesis advances the awareness of algorithms and related aspects of sovereignty through a series of projects documented as participatory action research. One of the projects described, Devuan, leads to the realisation of a new, worldwide renown operating system. Another project, "sup", consists of a minimalist approach to mission critical software and literate programming to enhance security and reliability of applications. Another project, D-CENT, consisted in a 3 year long path of cutting edge research funded by the EU commission on the emerging dynamics of participatory democracy connected to the technologies adopted by citizen organizations.

My original contribution to knowledge lies within the function that the research underpinning these projects has on the ability to gain a better understanding of sociopolitical aspects connected to the design and management of algorithms. It suggests that we can improve the design and regulation of future public, private and common spaces which are increasingly governed by algorithms by understanding not only economical and legal implications, but also the connections between design choices and the sociopolitical context for their development and execution.
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Re: Algorithmic Sovereignty

Postby n_hologram » 2018-04-05 02:02

Thanks for sharing this. It's of little surprise that dasein has earned some well-deserved recognition.
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Re: Algorithmic Sovereignty

Postby debiman » 2018-04-05 05:31

diagonal-reading the chapter that mentions dasein; interesting!
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