Google+ shuts down within the next ten months

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Google+ shuts down within the next ten months

Postby Danielsan » 2018-10-12 15:28

This what announced Gugl apparently after a recent data breach (that compared to the latest breach happened to Fasebuk seems more like a scratch). We already knew that the social will close because the lack of revenue, anything else (especially privacy or costumer protection) is simply untruth. ... ct-strobe/ ... wn-google/

A lot of people already landed on others floss social networks like Diaspora (my favorite one) and Mastodon.

Another example that we had better to not rely on centralized and private service, ever.
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Re: Google+ shuts down within the next ten months

Postby Segfault » 2018-10-12 17:04

There is also They are not yet online though.
I personally do not feel the need to chat with people about what my dog did today, no social media accounts for me. And the prospect of being banned or shadowbanned for expressing something against Google/Twitter/Facebook destructive leftist agenda is not appealing for me, either.
Even here in this site posts like this may get locked or deleted, I've felt strong left bias here.
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Re: Google+ shuts down within the next ten months

Postby debiman » 2018-10-13 08:13

funny how google always makes it look like they have nothing but their users' privacy in mind, when in reality it's the sheer opposite: make more user data into more money! G+ wasn't good enough at that, let's shut it down!
that blog post is a particularly fine example of obfuscation through empty words.
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