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Re: The End of Trust

PostPosted: 2018-12-07 16:57
by bw123
The only real solution I see is to somehow make human health and happiness more profitable to the rich than misery and death. No government or religion or combination has ever been able to do this. "Trying to do something" is what I'm complaining about. Making a youtube video or dressing up and giving a speech or writing a paper isn't effective at solving anything. It often has the ulterior motive of enhancing the reputation of the "intellectual" doing the trying.

I'd prefer action... Buy a hamburger, a beer and a pack of smokes for a homeless person. Do it today.

Re: The End of Trust

PostPosted: 2018-12-07 19:37
by xepan
I rather had the OP and this in mind:
The problem is, the net (or anything else) has never been secure nor private, and IMO if it could be made secure or private it would already be that.

not homeless people and other problems.