Server Relocation Specialist

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Server Relocation Specialist

Postby timwilliamsatbrss » 2018-12-19 03:41

How to spot a good relocation company that can safely and effectively transfer servers with minimal downtime? Any tips? Don't want to risk the business as our transactions are mostly online.
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Re: Server Relocation Specialist

Postby GarryRicketson » 2018-12-19 14:27

Usually the provider for the servers, IE: hosting, can and provided help with transferring from the previous server, that is where I would start.
Posting a help wanted add on a Debian User Forum, certainly is not the best way to go about doing this.
Learn How to do a search and then try contacting one of the many listed Server Relocation Specialists
Do some research on the company or person before making a decision.
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You could also do some research, and learn how to migrate your server , your self. In fact that is really something basic, any server admin should know how to do. Logic can not be taught, but if you use a little logic, there is no real need , or reason you should experience any downtime at all:
safely and effectively transfer servers with minimal downtime? Any tips?

Here is a tip, 1. First off, make good backups, I would think you all ready are doing this.
Do not shut-down the original server, or discontinue using it until after you have the new one set-up, and have tested it, making sure everything is working as it should. In a nut shell, for a short period you will actually have 2 servers running, .. there never will be any down time, after the new server is working, and you are sure, you then can safely discontinue using the first one. There
2. Install your OS to the new server.
3. Make sure the new server is working ok.
4. Install your websites, etc, and make sure everything is working as it should.
at this point you now have 2 servers running for the same domain. When you are sure the
new one is running fine, as it should , then you can discontinue / shutdown the other.

If any company or person you hire tells you there will be some downtime, I would not use them, it indicates they don't really know what they are doing.
Of course sometimes things can go wrong, and totally unexpected things at that. But if you made good back ups, that still is a none issue, because you have everything backed up.
Some time ago we had a very unexpected problem occur, involving a migration of many servers. The old location was in NY, and the company migrated to new servers in Nevada.
Everything had gone smoothly, and there would not have been any downtime, except by coincidence a accident occurred. Right about the same time it appeared everything was ok, and it was ok to shutdown the old servers, shortly after they had been shutdown, some idiot running a back hoe, dug up and broke the fiber optic cable that was the cable for the new servers in Nevada,... this did result in actually several days of down time,... but normally, there should not be any.
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