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EncFS vs CryFS

PostPosted: 2019-01-13 20:18
by bester69
Ive been using for long time encfs with the cloud, today I discovered cryfs and I was considering give it a try
, now, which one would recommend me and why?..

Ive got the feeling encfs is a more mature application than cryfs.(encfs=1.9.1-4 and cryfs=0.9 version) :?

Re: EncFS vs CryFS

PostPosted: 2019-01-13 20:39
by bester69
At a first glance, I see CryFS gives some overhead disk performance (encfs isnt overhead), Its similar to ecryptfs disk lag, but to working with documents Id say Its ok.

The other disadvantage I see respect to encfs, Is that you can't mount or get some separate files , you need to have the full repository in order to mount the encypted volume and get the wanted file/s.

So, what happend If the repository or some chunks gets corrupted :?: I saw It creates hundredts of very small chunks (35Kb each one), As for my feelings, I dont think this can survive for long in the cloud keeping integrity, sooner or later some chunk will be vanished or corrupted in the cloud disk or in synchronization process.

My Impression.: Go for encfs, CryFS is shooting yourself in the foot. :mrgreen: