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Important - Offical Press Release or Artifical Scam

PostPosted: 2007-04-17 21:00
by llivv
Thanks HGT for bring this to our attention! Ya just never know these days do ya?
from link provided by HG in his post to Topic Important to the Community - Official Press Release
this snippet is 4 posts above the one helios dropped in this forum
helios introduces himself as "Ken Starks"

Wednesday 4/11/2007: "A recent announcement via from this
blog officially announced the kickoff of the Tux500 Project." 'this
blog' points to his own site.
Monday 4/16/2007
"This project has the potential to 'bust Linux wide open', as an
associate of mine is fond of saying. It is beginning to look like we
will need your hammer in order to do so. And before you reply with it,
I think the general public knows as well as the Marketing Expert
I'm just including this because, well, I *feel* busted wide open, but not in a good way.
...and with one(1) comment by "Richard Chapman":
"Just as others are clueless about computing freedom, we seem to be
clueless about marketing freedom. You have handed us a clue bat Ken
and we've just stood there as the first ball zipped by. Steeerrrike
one! Wake up people. It's not going to happen without your

Important to the community - Official Press Release

Please say this is not a scam!!!

Only you can decide if this is a possibility
Tux500 scam - news and links history
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PostPosted: 2007-04-17 21:08
by rickh
I just posted this on the other thread:

OK. I googled around looking for things to discredit the Tux500 business. I looked at the links PenquinPete told me to, and I don't see his point at all. It does look like the idea has been kicked around a little before it got to the form it's in now, but so what?

One thing that I googled without PenquinPete having to prompt me was "Chastain Motorsports," and looked at the News links ... Sure the big ones are generating from Tux500 ... Isn't that what a promoter does, but there are lots of little stories, too, that barely mention the Linux connection, or don't mention it at all.

Bottom line. Tom Chastain, owner of Chastain Motorsports definitiely has a car in the race. Typical blurb:
Stephan Gregoire will drive the No. 77 and 77T Chastain Motorsports Panoz/Honda/Firestone fielded by Chastain Motorsports.

Somebody is going to sponsor it, and I sure don't see any denials that it'll be Linux users.

Of course, columns like this don't help matters any. I wonder what PenguinPete's motivation is.

PostPosted: 2007-04-17 21:33
by llivv
My take on it Rickh is that I visited the Tux500 site from the other post Important to the community
I looked around all the pages he mentioned. I was already a bit skeptical when I read on one of the Tux500 links the snippet I included above. It's just not writing that motivates me to give money or anything else. ( But that is just me) I also haven't head anything other than what I've read on the Tux500 page concerning Linux in the Indy 500. ( But I'm not really lookin to hard either) I remember thinking to myself after reading what the prizes are that are available to the 3 top donations, man the ride in the 2 seater Indy Car better be a nice one for the tune of a half a mil
You will notice that to sponsor the car the minimum contribution is a third of a mil and goes up from there.
My last thought on this is that if the 350 grand is not accumulated by the deadline where is the collected money's going to end up?

PostPosted: 2007-04-18 01:18
by rickh
Steven J Vaughan-Nichols may hate Debian, but he loves Tux500.

here we go all.

PostPosted: 2007-04-20 22:37
by helios17
Greeting folks - I do appreciate the honest and rightful questions that have been asked. There are many who would take advantage of us given half the chance. Here is a bit of news I've been looking forward to sharing with you. ... 9204408586

See ya'll at the races. - helios