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Re: Gnu/Linux desktops-windows managers RAM ShoWDowN

Postby Nili » 2019-07-20 07:58

Hi deb-fan, It's been a while that haven't done editing on WM. Yesterday i took it seriously tweaking Fluxbox.
After used for a while Opnebox I'm already on Fluxbox boat.

On Openbox i used to have many configs like obmenu, obconf, compton, conky, xdotool, hddtemp, lm-sensors and many other snippets to make Opnebox looks fine. I'm happy for Openbox, i removed from my .xinitrc but not the configs or installs, in case i want use back enough to change the wm name.

So i decided to lighten even more by using Fluxbox.
Openbox runs up to 20MB while Fluxbox runs up to 7MB.

Fluxbox single alone package do almost every thing Openbox do, OK not all but almost do, Fluxbox have his toolbar, keys+mouse configs, apps manager, init, menu etc. While Openbox i must install a few packages to make it completed.

vsido/fluxbox have inspired me a lot. user=PackRat is an veteran on WM configs in particular fluxbox. Got many ideas or used a few configs for my tweaks.

I'm testing those Window Managers on very very old hardware from 2007, Because I like to keep old stuff working as long as i can.

Thank you for your consideration. Well, the good old time of #! :) those where the days, i was there from 2011 but wished to be a bit more early from the start 2007/2008. That community + LinuxBBQ taught me interesting things to learn.

OS: Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimaera/ceres)
WM: Openbox / Tint2

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