Who dual-boots Debian & FreeBSD (or other BSD) & why?

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Re: Who dual-boots Debian & FreeBSD (or other BSD) & why?

Postby theblueplll » 2019-07-29 00:01

ruffwoof wrote:So potentially is any hop/link (wired or wireless). But that does not alter that you can still communicate point to point securely even though travelling through potentially insecure hops. ssh with keys for instance (excepting that is if you accept the big flashy warning that the 'server keys have changed').

I shouldn't derail the thread any more than I already have.
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Re: Who dual-boots Debian & FreeBSD (or other BSD) & why?

Postby emariz » 2019-08-04 23:34

kedaha wrote:Why? I've always been interested in the BSDs but my interest is primarily because I consider the sound system provided by FreeBSD or by OSS4, which I've written about in another topic, superior to Alsa plus PulseAudio with the sound cards I use.

I used to run FreeBSD alongside Debian, too. Around the time Gnome 3 was introduced, I did not want to migrate from Gnome 2 and stayed on Squeeze for a very, very long time. Since running Stable is super boring, I decided to try FreeBSD because why not? It was interesting to try something different here and there, but since I was using the same programs to do the exact same tasks in both operating systems and since most of the devices on my laptop worked (God bless that Sony Vaio), I never really learned how to use FreeBSD as a system.

I have been running Testing since Jessie. You know, to still have some fun with the breaks every couple of months.
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