Bios Altitude setting?

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Bios Altitude setting?

Postby CwF » 2019-11-25 18:47

On a current build (X9DAi) I found the setting in the bios!

Interesting I have mentioned altitude a few times concerning durability. It's hard on hard drives for sure. Next it seems power supplies, but maybe everything. Wonder what the setting does? Recurves fans and warning thresholds maybe? Power/Throttle changes? ECC change due to increased radiation?

So, I told the truth, and reset the default to 1500m. Close enough.
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Re: Bios Altitude setting?

Postby stevepusser » 2019-11-25 21:15

I found a BIOS settings guide online, and at least for this moboard, it's related to fan speed profiles--I would guess that thinner air has less cooling ability???
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[BIOS::System Acoustic and Performance Configuration] Set Throttling Mode=0                              ;Options: 0=Auto: 6=DCLTT: 2=OLTT: 3=SCLTT Altitude=900                                       ;Options: 300=300m or less: 900=301m - 900m: 1500=901m -  1500m: 3000=Higher than 1500m
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