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[Solved] Microserver for home use

PostPosted: 2020-01-12 17:43
by coppolino97
Hi all,
I want install at home a microserver.
At the moment I have a linux SBC (BananaPi) that manage the following services in my LAN:
- DNS (so I can filters dangerous website)
- MediaCenter (I have installed Emby)
- File sharing using an external drive

I would replace it due to I prefer have a RAID for file sharing, due to at the moment it is single disk and on it I am saving backups and others files.
Moreover I would install a print server (for example using CUPS), but I can not at the moment due to there aren't driver for my two printers suitable with ARM CPU.

I know that there are NAS as QNAP, but I prefer a sort of small server due to I want install software without limitation.

Someone can suggest me a microserver? I have seen HP MicroServer and I have seen that there are used on Ebay.
Does someone know other hardware?

I prefer with low energy consumption.

Thanks so much :D

Re: Microserver for home use

PostPosted: 2020-02-02 11:03
by coppolino97
I have found this HP Microserver N36L.
In my opinion is a good solution for small server and NAS at home or very small office.